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Making your home cat approved

Cats and kittens alike have very finicky personalities.  We all know this, since we have and love cats.  But sometimes, you notice the odd behaviour which to you is not accepted but to your cat, the environment is simply not acceptable.  Here are ways to make your space more acceptable for your cat:

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Ways your cat speaks to you

Your cats Body Language are more than words 

All felines speak the same language, whether you’re from the snowy hills in Siberia, or the sunny concrete jungles of Johannesburg.  All our feline friends speak loudly through their body language.  If you take a close look at our domestic cat’s ancestors, namely the big cat for example, lions, tigers and leopards, just to name a few, they all have very similar characteristics. 

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What personality does your cat have?

When you have a kitty and you’ve spent time with him, you get to know his personality and behaviours which coincide. You tend to know when he is upset, happy, agitated.  You understand his meows and all the small sounds that come out of his little mouth. You understand his purrs and the way he looks at you.  You understand him.  Or so you think!  Cats are complex creatures, and every cat has a personality of their own, and their environment creates certain behaviours which can get influenced by the smallest changes.  Over the past 10 years, I have had 5 cats, all of which have had very different personalities.  But, one thing I have noticed with all of them is that they all carry one very certain type of characteristic within their individuality.  Either confidence, lack thereof or just quite happy as it is, whatever “it” is.

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3 Things to remember when bringing home a kitten

Being an avid cat lover, I’ve seen and heard many stories about kitties, what works, what doesn’t work when brining a new kitten into your home.  I myself have done it five times, and as I sit here, I am busy introducing Scotch into his new surroundings.  So here are my tips on how to make it as stress free for you, the new addition, and if you have older residents, for them to.

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