3 Things to remember when bringing home a kitten

Being an avid cat lover, I’ve seen and heard many stories about kitties, what works, what doesn’t work when brining a new kitten into your home.  I myself have done it five times, and as I sit here, I am busy introducing Scotch into his new surroundings.  So here are my tips on how to make it as stress free for you, the new addition, and if you have older residents, for them to.

1. Safe room

When you bring your little fur buddy home, immediately set up a room, separated from everyone, and all the noises that are potentially frightening to the little one.

When setting up the room, remember 3 key points:

  1. Litter box
  2. Scratch post and toys
  3. Comfy bed

2. Introducing you and others

I have experienced it takes about 2 days, given the age of the kitten, to get used to his surroundings completely.  Being in the safe room for 2 full days, with you of course going in and out regularly to feed, and play with the new kitten, you will be able to spend more time with him/her at this point.  Sit with him for a while, then leave.  Do this consistently for a few more days.  Make sure that he stays in this room. Eventually you can start leaving the door open a bit, base this on how he is reacting to you by now, if he seems calm around you, and relaxed then go ahead and have the door open a tiny bit

This will allow him to hear the noises in the house, and also your older residents will get the smell of the new little one, from a safe distance.  Always remember to observe all interactions at all times.  It helps to feed all your kitties at the same time, and put the food of your older kitties close to the room where you are housing the new addition. Food is a positive reinforcement. But don’t rush it.  Keep them separated for now.  Remember, cats are territorial, so they like their space, remember not to rush things at this point, you will feel when it is the right time to start introducing them face to face safely.

3. Gradual exploration

Once your feel it is safe to let the little one out to explore his new surroundings, do so!  But, I have to stress, don’t ever do this unsupervised at this point, even if you don’t have other kitty residents, your new little one could end up getting stuck, tangled up in curtains, whatever the case may be, your home is a big world for this little one, and anything can be dangerous for him. If you follow these 3 simple steps, the introduction should be easier and stress free for you and your furbabies!  I will go deeper into this, as there are so many things to remember, but the above would be my top 3 things to remember.

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