3 Things to remember when bringing home a kitten

Being an avid cat lover, I’ve seen and heard many stories about kitties, what works, what doesn’t work when brining a new kitten into your home.  I myself have done it five times, and as I sit here, I am busy introducing Scotch into his new surroundings.  So here are my tips on how to make it as stress free for you, the new addition, and if you have older residents, for them to.

Things to consider before you get a Cat

The decision should not come lightly to get a kitty companion.  There are a lot of things to consider before you even start the process of adopting a cat! Yes, I am a big supporter of “adopt don’t shop”!! There are so many cats in the shelters and there are more coming in each day.  The euthanizing of our feline friends is on the rise because the shelters just cannot keep up with the volumes. 

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