Ways your cat speaks to you

Your cats Body Language are more than words 

All felines speak the same language, whether you’re from the snowy hills in Siberia, or the sunny concrete jungles of Johannesburg.  All our feline friends speak loudly through their body language.  If you take a close look at our domestic cat’s ancestors, namely the big cat for example, lions, tigers and leopards, just to name a few, they all have very similar characteristics. 

They are proud, they are confident, they are territorial, and they are hunters.  But how do you know what your cat is saying to you?  In the wild lions will communicate with the members of their pride by showing clear signs of acceptance, frustration, all the emotions they could experience.  The male lion will have his tail up straight, he will walk confidently, back straight, nose straight, ears and whiskers, well, straight.  He knows he is in his territory!  He will mark, he will roll onto his back while his offspring wrestle with him.  This is one confident big cat!  Now what about our little domestic kitties in their territory, namely, the four walls of your home?  Well, here too, the way they carry themselves speaks volumes on how they are feeling, in the moment, or in general.  Here are some ways to distinguish what your cat is telling you just by looking at them:

Tail up straight, slightly bent at the end

This is a sign of curiosity.  For example, you walk in from a long day at work, and your kitty greets you at the door, his tail is up straight, slightly bent.  All he is saying is, “where have you been all day? Who have you seen?  What have you encountered?  He wants to know our story, it’s like he’s saying “How was your day?” When you pet him, he will lift his head, and give you a gentle purr a long with what I like to call, love eyes. This is when he looks up at you and blinks ever so gently as if to say, I L.O.V.E  Y.O.U!  Or he’s just saying, thank goodness you’re home, I can eat!  Whatever the case, this is one very happy cat to see you!

Tail dropped

Here there are many things that this could tell you. Firstly, this could be a relaxed kitty walking from point A to B in the house, nothing is getting him flustered, or excited.  He is just on a little mission.  He has a place to go, things to see.  Ten to one he will lie down, and have his hourly nap.  This is a happy kitty, but in no great need to play or hunt.  He is in his total chill vibe.  When the tail is like this, have a close look at his ears, eyes and whiskers.  His eyes should be relaxed, not dilated, his ears and whiskers should be pointed out straight.  If the ears are backwards, or busy turning, something is bothering him, and he could end up bolting any minute.  Generally, in my household, when my cats are walking towards their bed, toilet, food, this is the position of their tail.  Unless you happen to come across them, notice how the body language will change. 

Love eyes

I really do want to go into a bit more detail here, because I feel that through a cats eyes you build trust, and can communicate with them in the best way possible.  After all, we don’t have long tails, pointy ears that give away our mood to them.  The only way is through our eye contact.  Don’t ever stare a cat directly in the eyes without blinking.  This is a major threat to them.  This will make them feel insecure around you and after you’ve done this enough, they just won’t have that trust built.  So, when your kitty looks at you, be sure to blink softly, telling them, all is okay, you are loved with every glance.  You will notice that they will do it back to you.  It’s something that is so rewarding and worth a try. I really want to stress that through their eyes is a world of love, respect and appreciation.  As I sit here typing this, I have Sancho lying next to me on my right, and Scotch is curled up on my left.  They both give me a glance every now and then, when I look at them, they blink softly, then look away.  They are in total trust of me, and vice versa.  They are content with my company, with the sound of the ticking key board, and even with the odd shout, across the room as I check with hubby what he wants for dinner.  This is the ultimate language, the love language of cats.  Try it for yourself and see, it is so rewarding.


In conclusion, your cat speaks volumes, it is just up to us to understand what they are saying.  Did you know, cats will never meow to another cat?  They only meow to us humans.  Every meow has a different pitch; every purr has a different pitch too.  As much as each cat is unique, they all say the same.  I trust you!  I love you! I want that same respect from you too, please human!

With love,

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