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Your Kneady Cat

We all love it when we are curled up on the couch or bed and your fur ball comes and lays next to or on top of you.  He will probably be purring and kneading at some part of your body.  You feel loved, you love knowing that he has developed this tremendous trust with you.  But, when is it a sign that your cat is actually insecure, and needy?  Here are some signs and solutions to a needy cat, or as I like to call it “kneady” cat.

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Can you really train a Cat?

As I sit here, I have just given my three cats their dinner.  They are satisfied, they are happy, they are cleaning themselves and are just content with life.  They are distracted at this time of the day, and they have their routines that follow after dinner.  After their bath time, they will ten to one go to the toilet, followed by a drink of water then they settle down for the next hour or so before they begin playtime. Sometimes, especially on weekends, we want them to be with us at this time, because I consider this time of the day the most relaxing, while awake.  I often miss this moment, because after feeding them dinner during the week, I have to start cooking for us humans.  So I make the most of moments such as these.  But how can you teach a cat to come to you?

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Things to consider before you get a Cat

The decision should not come lightly to get a kitty companion.  There are a lot of things to consider before you even start the process of adopting a cat! Yes, I am a big supporter of “adopt don’t shop”!! There are so many cats in the shelters and there are more coming in each day.  The euthanizing of our feline friends is on the rise because the shelters just cannot keep up with the volumes. 

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