Organised Chaos with Cats

Personally, one of my favourite things in life is organised chaos.  I love to feel in control but at the same time I love the feeling of having no idea what to expect.  When it comes to my three boys they give me this ultimate experience.  Every day with them is something new, yet always the same in some purrculiar sort of way. 

Cats love routine

As many of you have probably experienced with your purr babies, cats like routine.  Be it at feeding time, or bed time, they love to know that no matter what, they can expect the same thing, every day.  The more often I do something, the closer to the same time that I did it previously, they will be asking for it.  For example, if I feed them at 5pm each day, from about 4:30pm if I am home, they will start asking me for their food.  Same applies with bed time in my house hold.  My husband and I generally go to bed around 10pm, if it is later like on weekends, for example, the next day the boys are bushed!  They sleep a lot more, or so it seems to me anyway. These are just two examples that seem quite obvious to me that they love routine.

I’m sure there are many things that prove this point, and I love figuring this out with my boys on a daily basis.  I love knowing that I have three little beings that rely totally on me and love being around me as much as possible. But, they rely on knowing that they will get what they want, at a certain time, and boy, if I don’t meet this requirement there is trouble!

When I walk in the door from my long day at work I am faced with 3 very happy boys.  They all greet me at the door in their different ways.  Sancho will be on the counter right by the door (he is not allowed on counters but do you think he cares when he is greeting his “mom”?), Travis will be standing in the middle of the kitchen, not too close to the door but close enough, and Scotch will be rubbing himself up against everything and mewing as if to say “Thank goodness you’re home human!”.   This makes me happy!

The evenings are quite fun with my three boys too.  We know exactly what time Scotch’s play times are.  I get home at about 5pm each day, I immediately feed the boys and start with us human’s dinner thereafter.  Scotch is up and down between their litter trays and looking for coolness on the tiles – he hates the heat.  He doesn’t particularly play at this time; he is awake but relaxing.  But come 9pm, almost to the minute, he begins his chaotic playtime.  He is only 5 months old, he still has his “manhood”, which will be removed one of these days, so he is a very active kitten at this point in time.  The 2 older boys know that they should rather stay out of his way from 9pm until we are off to bed.  But this does not stop this little munchkin.  We have had to close our room door at night because it seems this continuous growth spurt lasts well into the early hours of the morning.  But I would not have it any other way of course! 

It's all in the environment

Every cat is different, and this is what we love of course.  My 3 boys are so different from each other, but yet they are so alike.  I would imagine that this is because they are all exposed to the same environment each day.  They are strictly indoor cats and this is all they know.  Our apartment is their world.  Their routines obviously develop based on what they are surrounded by each day.  I have noticed how they pick certain traits up from each other, and the way they play and run is determined through each other as well.  What do I mean by this?  If one cat is not in the mood to play, the other two will run around and not take notice of the other.  The way they play is very similar, one would say it is this way for all cats, but I notice certain traits that they have that are unique to them. 

Not only with play but with the way they communicate and call each other.  We all know that cats don’t meow to other cats, this is reserved for us humans, but, I have noticed how my boys call each other.  It is not necessarily with a meow, but more of a mew, or squeak as I like to call it.  They will stand at the end of the passage mewing, squeaking away until another acknowledges.  And this is when the rampage of playing begins.  Utter chaos to be exact!

Even though a cat’s life seems so relaxed, surrounded by sleep, purrs and kneads, our kitties definitely show us how to have purrfect chaos.  They seem so relaxed yet they are always up to something.  It is almost like they are scheming and plotting some sort of plan that will result in organised chaos.  Embrace this with your kitties – it is such fun!  Take a moment to see what your cats get up to each day.  It is so rewarding and can take your mind off your day to day antics just by watching theirs.

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