Changing Sheets with a Cat – Making an ordinary situation extraordinary!

Coming up with things to write about when it comes to our feline friends is limitless but I just have to talk about this topic because our kitties definitely know how to turn ordinary situations into extraordinary moments. 

About a week ago I was changing sheets on our bed. This is normally quite a large feat as we all probably know.  Fitting the duvet inner into the sheet, pillows that are unusually puffy because I have neck problems are like fitting a square peg into a round hole.  So, as I am in the middle of this chore all 3 of my boys have to get involved in one way or another.

So I shake the sheet out first so that is floats up and falls onto the bed ready to be fitted.  And there you go, Scotch and Sancho are both underneath the sheet running and stalking each other. I just love this moment of madness!  Making a bed takes twice as long as it should, but it is twice more fun.  One thing that I’ve noticed with my boys is that they just love being involved in every chore that we do around the house – except vacuuming.

The reason why I wanted to talk about this topic is because I do believe that everyone can relate to this fun activity. But I also love to look at the metaphorical meanings of such a situation.  Firstly, us as humans get so carried away with life that we forget to enjoy the simple things.  Our cats surely do help with this.  If we take a moment and spend some extra time really looking at what they do that makes us love them so much, so much stress and anxiety will become minimal, in my opinion.

Cats on a mission

Making the bed is just a small example of what they do that just makes me take a step back and enjoy every moment with them. So, I have fitted the sheet, and I am putting the inner into the duvet sheet.  This is also “all for them” as they assume.  They go after my hands, they chase my hands as I work the inner through the sheet and this too ends up in huge laughter.  I just love how my cats somehow know how to make a difficult situation fun!  I’m sure they do this on purpose.  If you look at the timing of everything that they do when you are trying your hardest to get something done, they will be there at that very moment doing something that is so cute and so typical, it just makes you smile. 

Over the last weekend my husband bought himself a new office chair.  This came in a huge box and required some serious assembling.  This all took place in our kitchen / dining area.  Of course our cats were there, project managing the entire thing.  Because we know that cats just cannot resist a good box, this box was one of a kind. It was huge!  We love to keep boxes out for our cats to enjoy for a few days, and on Sunday, true to form, Scotch was exploring this box to its ultimate depths.  He was inside, on top, chewing at the sides, playing with the bits and pieces thrown into the box.  He was just all over this massive playpen!  I took a moment and I just watched him, he was in complete excitement over something so plain and simple – a box!  Much like making the bed, he finds it so much fun to indulge in an activity that us humans find somewhat boring, a nuisance.  But to our cats, we are building something that they perceive as the most fun they will have in their life.  I think we can learn from this behaviour.  Like I said before, metaphorically, cats say so much.  The most communication comes from saying nothing at all and to me this is such a purrfect example!  Making a bed, assembling furniture, your cats will be there watching over you trying to figure out what is in it for them, and they always find something! 

If we all thought like cats

We should all have this attitude I feel towards everything in life.  As our cats see us making a bed or assembling furniture, so too should we see our everyday activities.  It’s not so bad, in fact it could be fun.  Take a moment, and imagine involving your cat – this very moment. What would he/she be doing?  As I’m writing this away from home I’m picturing Scotch as usual running over the key board forcing some word to appear that isn’t even a word, but it’s Scotch’s word to me.  Me typing away is a huge game for Scotch.  Something that he totally indulges in and this always makes me smile.  Take a moment, have a look at your cat, or imagine your cat being there and smile at the thought that right this minute they are longing to have you around, cherishing you being there and just in full fun mode ready to play with you the moment you offer it up.  You are their everything, and isn’t this just so great.  Be it in making the bed or anything for that matter, your cat is always a part of that moment with you.  Even when you aren’t together, thinking of them, and imagining them in that moment should be enough to bring a smile to the most stressful situation. 

So let me end it off by saying this – Our cats are a reason for us to smile – try to live your life as your cat sees life, see every moment as something that could be jumped into and wrestled with. Create those moments that allow you to sit back and say – What would my Cat do?  Take each situation and turn it into a positive situation, just as a cat turns a box into a fun playpen, and a bed as a cloud hopping maze.  Even if it is just for a moment, that moment could change the outlook on your whole day. Turn an ordinary situation into something extraordinary. Just writing this has made me smile, I hope you reading this has the same affect. 

With love,

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