What cats really mean to us

Over the last couple of months having the privilege of doing some extra research and readings on my favourite animal, the cat, I have come across so many articles, quotes and facts about our feline companions that highlight specifically how special they actually are.  Yes, I’ve written about their different personalities, why women generally are attracted to cats more than men and so on.  It is clear that our feline friends have some sort of meaning to us that can simply be explained by how they make us feel.  So what do our cats really mean to us?

The bond with my Cats

Throughout the process of starting and maintaining my Web page a lot of what I write about is strictly my opinion and experience with my cats over the years.  Some people might disagree with what I have to say, and some might relate to it 100%. This is the beauty of writing; you will always have mixed feelings about any topic.  One thing though that I feel everyone can relate to is the love we share with our cats.  So here again, this is my experience with my cats, yours might be totally different. Firstly, let me talk a bit about my first cat, Sasha.  She was so different.  She was outdoors, but she just loved to be around me.  One would say she only had tolerance with me.  But everything was on her own terms.  She was always close by and the bond between her and I was very special.  She was after all my first cat.  Dizi was a special boy, our first boy!  He had a very special bond with my husband.  He had so much love for my husband that he would wait for him outside the bathroom every time my hubby was in there.  My husband still speaks of Dizi in such a way that I can see there was a bond that will never be broken, even after his passing 6 years ago.  Even though Sasha and Dizi are both at Rainbow Bridge, they remain in our hearts and minds each day.  We remember them with every purr and knead of our 3 boys.

Every cat is different, this we know – so it is inevitable that the bond they feel with us and each other will be different too.  When Dizi and Sasha died, Travis was my little ray of hope. I spent so much time with him that a massive bond was created.  One that will be with us until his last day.  I tend to feel some pity for Travis as he is such a softy, he tends to get bullied by the other two.  I try to make him feel special every day, I give him a little bit extra love and affection – after all it is easy with him because he is such a softy he tolerates cuddles and kisses much more than the others.  Sancho has always been my baby boy.  But, the love and affection is on his terms.  He has a very similar bond to my husband as Dizi had, and this for me is great to see.  My bond with Sancho is special but like I say, on his own terms.  I don’t mind this as long as he has his person, which is my husband.  When we found Scotch I had it in the back of my mind that we weren’t going to keep him. For me, three cats were just one too many – threes a crowd!  But, he was so tiny and so scared.  He had never seen a human being in his life, and I was persistent in getting him used to human touch.  After some time had passed I had realised the bond between Scotch and I was sealed!  We made the decision to make our home his permanent home after just 2 weeks of having him with us.  This has been the best decision I could have made. Not only do we have a very well developed bond with him already, but the bond he has with the Travis and Sancho is obvious as well, and oh so different. 

what cats really mean to us

Understanding the bond between your cats

Sancho and Travis have a love/hate relationship for sure.  One moment they are licking each other all over, the next moment they are biting each other until one of them bolts out a scream.  They fight constantly that I have to intervene all the time.  I’ve learned when to intervene however, and when I know that they just need to sort themselves out.  Unfortunately, Travis and Sancho tolerate each other, they have never developed a bond that I’ve always wished my cats to have.  Dizi and Sasha were the same.  Along comes Scotch – this little boy has developed such special bonds with both Travis and Sancho.  Scotch and Sancho have a relationship where whenever Scotch hasn’t seen Sancho for a while, and Sancho walks into the room / area where Scotch is, Scotch will get up and run to him and rub himself all over Sancho.  Sancho responds by licking Scotch during this process.  They sometimes lay together and fall asleep – wherever Sancho is, you can expect Scotch to be nearby.  As for Travis and Scotch, they have a bond that I never expected. It’s almost like Scotch and Sancho have discussed Travis, and Sancho has told Scotch his opinion of Travis.  Both Sancho and Scotch treat Travis the same. They tolerate him, but seem to bully him during play time.  Yes, it bothers me but I don’t want to intervene too much.  It is clear to me that Sancho is the alpha male in the house, and Scotch’s bond with Sancho is so special that the odd one out has to be my boy Travis.  But, Travis loves playing with Scotch.  I would think it is because Scotch is not as rough as Sancho, so it makes it more fun. They run and wrestle each other for hours. I love watching them play because Travis is so gentle with Scotch. So you see, the bond between my boys is so different, yet so special and unique to each of them.

To love a cat

People who have never had cats simply cannot understand why so many people love cats so much, why they are the most owned pet in the world.  To love a cat, you need to live with one, you need to experience the unique personality of that specific cat, you need to have a moment of complete relaxation and divine peace with a cat to understand why they are such special creatures.  If someone ever says to me “How can you love cats so much”, I immediately say, “How can you not?” – if you have not lived with a cat, you have no idea how special they really are.  I love my cats, and that is that.  I am drawn to cats somehow, and I love their uniqueness and the misunderstanding they tend to have for some people.  I love to try to earn the love of animals, and cats are animals where you need to earn their trust.  Dogs will love and lick you no matter who you are as long as you are good to them (I love dogs too – don’t get me wrong), but cats, you need to work for their love and trust.  You need to be persistent, but once you have that love, once you have that bond, there is no turning back.  You are loved for life.  So, on that note, love you cats, love them to death!  Love them with all that you have, because the return reward is this - you are special – in the eyes of your cat!  

Cherish every moment you share with you cats – look forward to seeing them when you have not for a while or even if you have, and enjoy the cuddles, the purrs and the kneads that you get unconditionally. Owning a cat brings so much solitude to even the most anxious person – let them council you to be the best you.

With love,

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