Your unique cat – what makes them who they are?

Have you ever taken a moment to sit and watch your cat?  Have you ever noticed certain unique distinctive characteristics that he/she displays from time to time?  Have you ever wondered if he is the only cat that does this, or if there are others like him?  Let me start off by saying this, all cats are unique.  Even though some may look identical, they all have certain characteristics, looks and personalities that are each unique within themselves.  Here are a few things that I have experienced in the ten years that I have loved and been owned by cats.


It’s in your cat’s look

Colour aside, there are certain parts of a cat that are unique to their species.  For example, did you know that the rigid shape on a cat’s nose is as identical as a human fingerprint?  Yes, this is one small factor that your cat has that makes him, him!  It is not visible to the naked eye, but there is that. More obvious factors are that your cat will either be left pawed or right pawed.  Male cats are almost always right pawed.  But, sometimes he can be very unique and be left pawed.  Take a minute to watch your cat play.  Does he swipe with the left or right paw?  Another very obvious factor for their uniqueness is the colour of their eyes.  You could say that depending on the colour of the cat so too will the colour of their eyes be determined.  This is not always the case.  Generally, in ginger cats they have very strong green or yellow eyes, my Travis however has brown or hazel eyes.  So you see not all colour specific or breed specific will have the exact markings or traits of their counter parts.

If you have a look at your cat from a distance you will notice certain markings that are typical to his colouring or breed.  But there will always be something that is unique to your cat. Travis has a typical tabby marked coat, he is ginger but he has white paws – socks if you will.  The same applies with Sancho, my all grey / blue cat. When you look at him you wouldn’t say there are any identifying marks on him that tells him apart from other blue cats. But, as his mom I can say this – he does have very unique markings that you will only see if you know where to look.  He has a small white patch of fur on his belly.  It is shaped like a diamond and is very unique to him and his colouring. 

There are so many things that you could see if you gave it sometime and thought when looking at your cats.  I find it quite interesting to figure out what really makes them who they are and what sets them apart other than the obvious factors. Next time your cat does something, have a look, have a proper look – and you will see that he is so unique. 

It’s in your cat’s personality

We all know that every cat has a personality unique to him.  I’m sure if you are reading this blog you are well aware of the different characteristics your cat has.  But have you ever taken an extra moment and watched your cat during certain routines throughout the day?  Have you ever noticed what your cat likes, dislikes and what he really enjoys?  When I look at Sancho for example I’ve realised that he hates the cold.  He becomes moody and irritable when winter comes around.  Sancho loves to feel warm.  But, you might say this is obvious for every cat.  Yes, this is true, but how they react and how they try to let you know that it is something they don’t particularly like is unique to every cat. Sancho for example will puff up and he will try anything to be on top of myself or my husband.  He doesn’t want to share his space with another cat however, even though the other two boys would be quite welcoming to it.  This is something that is Sancho specific.  I still have the joy of a kitten in my home.  I am still learning Scotch’s personality and what makes him, him!  But I can tell you this, he is very different to any other kitten I have ever experienced. He loves to be the centre of attention. Yes, one might argue that all cats love this, but the way he shows this, is most certainly unique.  How so, you might ask.  Well, let me put it this way, he has learnt that when he meows a certain pitch he knows that he will probably get what he wants.  He has learnt that he has all of us, my older boys included, wrapped around his little paw.  I have taken a moment to look at him while he is going about his usual kitten antics, and there are so many things that are unique to him.  For example, we all know that when a cat stretches out their back paws they generally keep them planted on the ground, but Scotch will lift up one leg as if he is doing some sort of yoga pose at 90 degrees – this is the cutest thing, and really makes him quite unique.

Cats choose their human 

Have you ever noticed that your cat will spend more time with one person than another in the household?  This is because cats generally choose one person that they bond with.  One would argue that it will always be the person who feeds them.  Yes, they have a huge amount of love for you if you are the one giving them their most adored thing in life – but I can assure you that if you are not giving the food you probably are owned by one cat.  In my household I generally give my cats their food, but I have noticed the very special bond that Sancho has with my husband.  Sancho almost has an expected love for me, very special, but very obvious that it is only because I feed him.  With my husband however, he has far more patience and tolerance towards him. For example, if I touch him too much he gets very annoyed with me and will get away from me as soon as possible. With my husband he can stroke him, pick him up, turn him over onto his belly without Sancho trying to get a way. In fact, he purrs through most of it. Sancho has chosen my husband as his human, and there is no going back.  Take a minute and have a look the next time your entire household is present and look to see the certain ways your cats react to the humans in their lives. Do they act a certain way around one more than the other?  Do they tolerate more from one than the other?  These are all signs that your cat has chosen someone, and this is for life.


It is not difficult to see that cats are all unique. If you have lived with and love cats as much as I have and do you know that they are very special creatures. They know what they want, when they want it but they also build the personalities that are distinctive to their surroundings.  You are what your cat is and vice versa.  Every animal deserves respect, cats respect their humans, chosen or not.  Cats have loves, and hates but they will never deceive you.  Take a moment, sit quietly for just a minute and explore the uniqueness of your cat that shares your home with you, both physically and emotionally.  I find it quite meditating to just sit and enjoy their little personalities as they live their daily routines.  As I sit here I have Scotch lying on the bed, being a kitten, playing with a toy, and Travis lying next to him watching the natural TV of the outdoor world, while Sancho is basking in the day’s sun! They are all so relaxed, but all are doing completely different things.  Their personalities are so different, so unique, but yet they just all want the same thing – love!  Love your cats, they will never break your heart. 


With love,


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