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If you have read any of my blogs before this, you would have seen how I have mainly written about important info and topics that I feel just get overlooked in general.  But this time I have decided to spice it up a bit.  In this blog I wanted to delve into the one thing that I know melts every cat lovers heart.  Playtime, and which cat toys best bring out the sheer happiness in our little ones!  I have recently written a blog about when to intervene at playtime.  But here it is merely about when to sit back and enjoy your little purr of joy whilst he is indulged in the one activity that makes us all just want to take a moment and enjoy! 

Cats and Boxes

It is without a doubt that every cat has an unexplainable love for boxes.  Boxes of any size, kind, material, boxes!!  You put a box down and within minutes your kitty is sitting ever so observing inside this box!  Yesterday I received shoes I had ordered online, first thing I thought as I opened up the box, before I even saw my shoes and tried them on was, oh, the boys are going to love this!  True to their reputation they did.  I got home, opened up the box, took the shoes out and before I knew it there was Scotch sitting inside the box. He was wrestling with all the bits of paper and cardboard that came along with it.  He was in complete kitty heaven!  And true to my form, I left the box out for them to enjoy and for them to eventually decide when this game is now boring.  I am a bit of a neat freak at home, but with my cats around, I find more pleasure knowing they are in their happiest state before I think of cleaning up the mess a good old box ends up creating.  The entire night last night, as hubby and I were sunken into the couches, all three of the boys were having turns at the box.  Scotch would roll around inside of it, scratching at the sides and bottom, Travis would sit in it every now and then until he would get chased away by Scotch, and Sancho was intrigued but just too cold to move from the lap of hubby. Cats love boxes, we cannot say why, but give it a chance, the next time you come home with a box leave it out and enjoy the fun insanity that follows.  It is great fun!

Yarn, strings and things

I’ve mentioned before that Sancho absolutely loves playing with a piece of string.  This is his ultimate favourite thing to do, next to eating his dinner of course.  We don’t have millions of pieces of string lying around the house because I like to keep it interesting.  So, every now and then I will cut up a shoe lace, or any string I can find at about 10cm long.  This will keep Sancho going for hours.  It is only with this piece of string that he actually plays catch like a dog.  If we throw it, he will run to get it, first swiping at it with his paw, then pick it up and bring it back for us to repeat. This can keep him going for hours. Like I say, I love to swop toys, by taking some away and bringing some back so that it keeps their interest spiked. But Sancho loves this game.  It is important to remember, with any piece of string, to ensure that it is not too long without having something tied at the end. Reason being is cat’s tongues have little claws that face the back of their throats, so if they get a hold of string they won’t be able to spit it out as it will get hooked on these little claws.  They can choke or it could even get into their tummies and cause havoc!  So, if you would like to give your cat a string to play with, as mentioned above always ensure that it is not too long, and there is a larger item tied to the end of it so that they can grip it and pull it out of their mouths at any point during play.  See what your cat loves, your cat will choose a toy that will be his favourite, and will be guaranteed to entertain both him and you for hours! 

Tree Dwellers

So I’m sure you’ve heard of people saying, he’s a tree dweller or deep digger.  What it means is simply this.  Your cat loves to climb, and when he goes potty he will dig as if he is trying to get to China.  But here, I am pin pointing the Tree Dwellers – we are talking about the fun stuff here after all!  So how do you know if you’ve got yourself a tree dweller?  Put simply, your cat will always try to get up high, either by making his way up your curtains or constantly jumping up onto kitchen counters. All of this is unwanted behaviour.  But, you can help your little climber enjoy the most of this much needed action. Firstly, make sure that you have enough cat trees in your home.  Have them spaced out, and have them next to furniture and windows.  Cats love to “watch TV”, which is your cat laying at a window bird watching basically.  Another way is to position your furniture in a way that your cat can easily get from one to the other.  Cats love using furniture as a means of getting from point A to point B, especially our little tree dwellers. 


If you have and love cats like I do, it is easy to make your home a great atmosphere for your kitty, especially since they are the ones who live in it more than you.  Let’s be honest, you are probably away a lot of the time, they are there to stay all day, so why not give them the best place, with all the bits and pieces to make them extra happy.  After all, it’s so worth all the purrs you’ll get when you’re home!

With love,

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