Declawing  - what you need to know

So, you’ve brought your little bundle of fur home, and he has started scratching on your furniture.  What now?  So you sit back, think about it, and realise that there are many options available to you. You sit and do some research and an article jumps up about declawing. You’re drawn in, but a part of you cannot believe that this is even an option!  Okay, let me get something straight, I have never in the 10 years of being a cat owner, even thought of the option to declaw any of my kitties.  I’m merely putting a scenario into your thought process, because if you’re reading this, you’ve obviously heard something about it.

Cats have claws for a reason!

My three boys all have claws, they are sharp, and they work well.  But I make it my biggest priority to keep them trimmed.  You just need to be consistent, and do it often, best is to start while they are still little, so I will be beginning this process with Scotch soon.  Get them used to having their paws touched at first.  Then eventually you can start trimming them ever so slightly, and after a while you can do a full blown trim, without having to grip the scruff of their necks.  Travis and Sancho both chill out completely when I give them their monthly manicure. They don’t particularly like it, but they don’t fuss.  They chill out, and let it be.  Afterwards, they seem to enjoy the feeling of not hooking onto every piece of furniture and blanket in the house.  So, here is the most humane option, it takes time to get them used to the idea, but it works.  Cats claws are of utmost importance, it builds confidence when they scratch, and it marks their territory.  Cats have scent glands in their paws, so when they scratch it’s as good as putting up a private property, no entry sign. 

Domestic cats don’t need claws for battle, or self-defence.  Unless you have a cheeky kitty who swipes, but generally they don’t use their claws for fights.  Mine don’t anyway!  But just in case, keep them trimmed. 

What is declawing?

What is declawing?

Simply put, it is amputation!  Think of it this way, if you were to “declaw” yourself, it would be like cutting your fingers down to the last knuckle!  Ouch!  Yes, put into this perspective, this is what you would be doing to your kitty.  Cats who are declawed also experience behavioural issues, loss of balance, and difficulty jumping.  All the good things are lost!  So why do people do this?  In my opinion, humans who do this, and no judgment to those who have done this already, and it is little too late for me to write this, but it is just for humans who want to keep their materialistic lifestyle, but still want to have a cat. When you decide to get a cat, it comes with great determination, patience and pleasure.  You need to ensure you have enough scratching posts, and use technics that will keep them off the furniture, when it comes to scratching. There are ways!  You just have to take that little bit of time and effort to put it into practice, purchase or make it yourself.  You decided to give this kitty a home, best you make it friendly for everyone who shares it!

My thoughts on declawing

So, if I haven’t made it clear already, I totally disagree with this process, and I still cannot believe there are vets out there who still practice this senseless procedure.  If I had all the power in the world, this would be one of the first things I would ban, stop, and make people forget that this was even an option to begin with.  It breaks my heart when I see kitties who have been declawed, or should I say amputated, for no good reason.  Please think about this if this has been a possible option for you.  Please don’t do it!  Let our little fur buddies stay as they have been intended, and enjoy them. 

I will post a few tips of my own on how to scratch proof your home!  You’re in the right place, read on and don’t declaw your cat!!!

With love,

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