My top 5 myths about cats

We’ve all heard the most common myths about cats, for example, cats love milk, black cats are bad luck or the most common, cats have 9 lives.  Well, sorry to break it to you, but a lot of these are just not true.  Some of them are mistakes many people make, which could be detrimental to your kitties wellbeing.  So let’s get started with my top 5 myths about our little fur balls, and pointing out why they are, well, just myths.

Myth 1. Cats have 9 lives

As much as we all wish that this were true, it is a myth.  The only reason why this has become a common phrase when referring to our kitties, is because they just seem to get away with so much that you sometimes sit and think, how did he survive that?!  For example, the fact that cats can almost always fall and land straight on their feet from dismal heights. Also, outdoor cats, or stray cats who look like they are really living on the edge of life, actually do live on the edge!  But I will not get into the debate of indoor vs outdoor now, we’ll leave that for another day.  Cats do only have one life, and it is precious, and it is up to us to make sure they live the best one life as possible.

Cats have 9 lives

Cats love cow’s milk

Myth 2. Cats love cow’s milk

We all enjoy the good glass of warm milk from time to time, and would love to think our little kitty companions enjoy the same treat.  Yes, milk is important for their development when they are still feeding from their mom, but dairy milk does not have the same benefits.  In fact, all cats are lactose intolerant.  I fell for this belief myself, and I won’t lie, I do enjoy treating my boys to a taste of dairy milk from time to time, but few and far between! You will find that when you give your kitties dairy milk, their stools are almost always runny, and I find personally they just lift their lip at the left over milk once they’ve had a lick.  They just don’t enjoy it as much as us humans think!  So my recommendation, keep your milk for your cereals, coffee and tea, and leave the kitties to indulge in more natural food products that benefit their health.  It’s a win, win. 

Myth 3. Cats cannot see in colour

I always believed that my little boys could only see in black and white, why, well because this is one of the biggest myths out there.  Cats can see greens, yellows but cannot distinguish reds or pinks.  I’m no vet, or eye doctor, so I’m not going to get into the fancy lingo here, but I know that cats have site in colour, and we can agree that their lives are not so boring and dull after all.  I just love to watch my boys watch the world, as they sit in the sun, watching the outside world, I love to know that they are enjoying the experience in colour. They do live a colourful life in more ways than one, and they most certainly do bring colour into our lives, that’s for sure!

Cats cannot see in colour

Cat dry food can clean their teeth

Myth 4. Cat dry food can clean their teeth

Up until recently I can admit that I was a believer of this myth.  The best thing I heard when I was watching a YouTube video of cats (one of my favourite past times), is, “How do we clean our teeth?  We actually have to clean them!”  This is true with cats too.  There is no miracle whip cream in their dry food that disinfects their teeth and gums. They actually need to get their teeth cleaned.  That is just how it is.  There is no easy way to do this, and most certainly not by just giving them a diet of dry food.  If your cat has fowl breath, trouble eating, it could be a sign of teeth decay.  Get it checked out by your local vet.

Myth 5. Cats enjoy being on their own

I have heard this so many times, and this is just not true.  In the wild, cats live in colonies, and they always have that bond with one or more cats. Cats are most definitely social animals, and they love being in clutters.  Yes, a group of cats together is called a clutter of cats.  Just look at how they bond with us.  Don’t you think it would be the same with others of their kind?  I’ve seen how Travis and Sancho have bonded over the 6 years that I’ve had them.  And now that we have Scotch, I can see how he is bonding with both Travis and Sancho, and eventually once of them will be his top pick.  As it is with them it is with humans, they will choose the one human to bond with, and that human will be their person for life.  So when your kitty curls up with you on the couch, as much as it is for warmth, it is because they really do just love being with you.  Enjoy the purrs, and embrace the fact that they “knead” us!

Cats enjoy being on their own

My conclusion

So let me end this off by saying, as there are plenty of myths about kitties, and it would end up being a book if I continue, so I’ve left you with my top 5.  And as I sit here, looking at number 5 on my list, Scotch is lying on my arm as I type away. He had something to say too, so here is number 6, straight from the kittens mouth, or paws:

       6 . [‘;d \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ lkzT6 sa6t

I’d like to think he approves all of the above.

With love,

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