Why is my cat doing that?

There are so many characteristics in our little feline friends that make us scratch our heads as to why they do certain things, why they have certain behaviours and generally why they are just the way they are.  I recently came across a very interesting article which gives mention to the H.I.S.S Test that every human should know about or do when they come across some strange behaviour in our little fur friends.  So, what does this stand for?

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Cats and Others at Home

Have you ever wondered what your cat thinks when he looks at you?  How do they perceive their surroundings?  Do they think like us, do they dream like us?  I have recently read an article where they say that cat’s brains are rather similar, or close to, human brains than any other mammal.  In fact, cats have 300 million neurons.  They have more nerve cells in the visual areas of the brain than humans and most other mammals.

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Cat Toys – The fun Stuff

If you have read any of my blogs before this, you would have seen how I have mainly written about important info and topics that I feel just get overlooked in general.  But this time I have decided to spice it up a bit.  In this blog I wanted to delve into the one thing that I know melts every cat lovers heart.  Playtime, and which cat toys best bring out the sheer happiness in our little ones!  I have recently written a blog about when to intervene at playtime.  But here it is merely about when to sit back and enjoy your little purr of joy whilst he is indulged in the one activity that makes us all just want to take a moment and enjoy! 

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Cats Playtime – when to intervene

When you live with a cat or two, or more, there are times when they will be interacting with each other and you get such a fright as it sounds and looks like they are really tucking into each other, and not in a friendly way.  They will throw each other onto the floor, often times making a loud “klonk” as their heads hit the tiles.  You race up to them to stop them in their tracks. 

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What is the Ideal Weight for Cats?

This topic for me is so important because it is something that we all face day to day as humans, weight loss, or weight gain, whatever the case may be it is a way of life.  So too should it be for our little feline companions.  It is so easy to overfeed your cats, we love them, and one of the best ways to show this is to give them food, and more food!  We cannot tell them verbally, although we do, how much we love them, so we show them by giving them the one thing they show they adore, food.  But, when and how do you know when you’ve crossed the line and your kitty is a fatty?

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